High-quality, low-maintenance artificial grass for commercial applications in New Jersey.

Our synthetic turf makes a practical and beautiful surface for office buildings and commercial facilities.

Many businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are turning to Synthetic grass for a more welcoming, eco-friendly environment. Our ‘fake’ grass looks and feels like real grass with little, or no, ongoing maintenance costs. Artificial grass can be installed in a variety of different areas – indoor or outside – that before weren’t suitable for real grass.

Our grass is perfect for interior courtyards, high traffic areas, and medians. Our grass can even contribute toward LEED credits.

Our grass is scientifically engineered to last a long time with special technology designed into the grass fibers to dramatically reduce heat absorption from the sun.

Applications include:

  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Industrial Areas
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Buildings
  • Road sides or Medians
  • Parks
  • Playground Areas
  • Commercial grass landscaping outside Calabasis in Pennsylvania
  • Circular commercial grass and bushes design with trees

New artificial grass styles are a perfect combination of aesthetics, low maintenance, and durability.

Artificial Greens & Lawns artificial grass will help you to make that positive first impression by virtue of the fact that it looks like natural grass at its finest. Add in that it our synthetic turf is cost efficient and is a product that will pay for itself over time and you can see why so many building owners and managers are choosing our synthetic grass landscaping turf.