Roof Deck & Patio Artificial Grass

Make the Most of Your Roof, Deck, & Patio Area with Premium Artificial Grass in Bergen County, NJ.

Our artificial grass’s adaptability is one of its many fantastic features. The inventive uses for our premium artificial turf are seemingly endless. Every day, more are revealed to us!

The amount of usable living area has been increased thanks to the installation of our artificial grass on rooftops, patios, and decks. Due to its unmatched longevity, comfort, cleanliness, and low maintenance requirements, our artificial turf is the best flooring option for any application.

patio deck artificial grass

By using artificial grass, container gardens, and a pergola to block the sun, you can transform your unused rooftop in the city of New Jersey into a beautiful outdoor living area.

Due to how natural-looking and feeling synthetic grass is, it is frequently used for residential lawns. It is not unexpected to discover that more and more individuals are including fake grass into their external layout ideas because it makes bare spaces more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Some of the many benefits include:
• Synthetic grass is less expensive to install than a traditional wooden deck
• The addition of more usable living space
• Perfect for residential and commercial applications
• Class 1 Fire Rating certification on some of our artificial grass
• Artificial grass fibers are infused with a technology that keeps surfaces cool in warmer temperatures
• Built to withstand heavy foot traffic
• No maintenance required to maintain gorgeous aesthetic

We provide a variety of artificial grass options that seem incredibly realistic. Some even have brown thatch to further enhance their natural appearance. We are certain to locate one that looks amazing and meets your budget with the wide variety of options available. Find out more about our well regarded artificial lawns in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, and other areas by getting in touch with us right away!