Synthetic turf to create your dream yard spaces in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A yard they can be proud of is something everyone wants. that is perpetually lush and green and requires little or no maintenance. You may get precisely that from Fake Greens & Lawns, which offers residential artificial grass. With synthetic turf, you can enjoy the benefits of a well-kept natural grass lawn without having to spend the time and resources necessary for maintenance. Stop mowing the yard regularly and relax instead. Even in the coldest winters and hottest summers, your artificial St. Augustine grass will maintain its beautiful appearance.

It’s now practically impossible to distinguish synthetic lawns from genuine grass thanks to various advancements in artificial turf grass for residential yards. Your outside area will always be lush and green, and you won’t have to worry about weeding, mowing, or pesky animals munching on your lawn.

Trees surrounding a secluded artificial turf backyard in PA

In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, there are a plethora of explanations for buying artificial turf. Residential artificial grass has a variety of benefits in addition to being low maintenance, such as the following:

• Save Time and Money: Our artificial grass solutions instead of genuine grass, which needs constant upkeep. Put away your lawnmower, fertilizer, and sprinkler so you may spend more time with your loved ones.
• Child and Pet Friendly: To play outside, kids and pets need a safe and inviting surface. Thanks to our synthetic grass’s softness and ease of upkeep, playtime is secure and cleanup is straightforward regardless of who makes a mess.
• Weather Resistant: You may use our turf all year long without worrying that rain, sleet, or snow will harm it. The quick-draining properties of your yard will make it usable as soon as the sun comes out!

We provide a wide variety of tough artificial grasses that can be tailored to fit any need and budget and appear and feel just like real grass. Our residential artificial turf is frequently chosen by homeowners for several factors. We work with you to develop a special solution that provides you with more security through luxury and enduring toughness.
Residential artificial grass has a wide range of unexpected uses. It has been used by our customers for a variety of purposes, such as pet runs, playground turf, lawns near swimming pools, and backyards by the sea. There are innumerable possible results.
If you’re ready to turn your backyard into a private oasis, give Artificial Greens & Lawns a call. Our installers are capable of working in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Get started right now by requesting a free design estimate from our lawn experts online!

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