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Our Favorite Backyard Playground Upgrades


Philadelphia playgrounds can provide children with a blank canvas for their imagination. The key to creating a play area that children will love is to include sensory features alongside challenging games kids can enjoy safely. With the right planning – and a few safety features – your child can learn and play outdoors at the same time. Here are our top picks for playground upgrades that will keep little ones entertained all day long!


Artificial turf playground surface underneath outdoor play equipment at New Jersey daycare facility

Artificial Playground Turf for New Jersey Daycares


Running a daycare facility can be both rewarding and exhausting. There are many regulations for businesses catering to minors, but there’s still plenty of laughter, personalities, and variety each day. Daycare facilities in New Jersey have a unique challenge in providing safe and clean play surfaces for their children. Our synthetic grass systems create a place for children to play that protects them from falls and offers a sanitary alternative to other playground surfaces.

Daycare play spaces require much more sanitation to keep clean and germ-free because toddlers are prone to unknowingly pass around cold and flu viruses. Artificial Greens and Lawns has a solution that is more hypoallergenic than outdoor rubber flooring or plastic mats. We supply and install artificial turf all throughout New Jersey state for a variety of applications, and we can help your daycare facility too. Our products have plenty of safe and clean benefits for your children.

Preparing Your Yard for Pets


Puppy-Proof Your Lawn with These 5 Easy Tips

Dogs need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and plenty of room to run around and play. Puppies especially have a lot of energy, so it is important to make sure that your backyard is well prepared for the rigors of puppy play. There are several things you can do to ensure that your yard will survive the new addition to the family, and we have put together a list of suggestions to help. If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to keep your yard in great shape no matter how roughly the kids and dogs play.

How to Care for Artificial Turf


How to Care for Your Artificial Grass in Philadelphia

From sprawling golf courses and commercial complexes to residential lawns and backyard putting greens, the people of Philadelphia love our artificial grass. Not only does a synthetic lawn look and feel great all year long, it also helps save time and money thanks to drastically reduced maintenance. That’s not to say that artificial grass is completely maintenance free, even if the upkeep required to keep a synthetic lawn looking great in Philadelphia is far less than a natural one. How does one keep their artificial turn looking its best? Well, we have put together a short guide to help you keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful for years to come with minimal effort.

Gift Ideas for the Golf Enthusiast in Your Life

Paul Split

3 Gift Ideas for the Golf Enthusiast in Your Life

Whether the golfer in your life is a hardcore enthusiast or a casual player, it can be difficult to shop for them. This is because the game of golf is so highly personalized that there is no singular answer that will make everyone happy. Once you factor in playstyle, frequency and brand preferences, it narrows the options down a little. Our experts recommend focusing on the factors that unite all golfers regardless of skill lever: they love to golf and appreciate quality. As such, here are a few ideas that make wonderful gifts for any golf lover.

Massive backyard in Lehigh Valley with putting green

Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Home Putting Green

Paul Split

Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Home Putting Green in New Jersey

Nothing serves New Jersey golf enthusiasts like owning home putting greens. One thing that every expert can agree on is that the key to perfecting any technique is practice, but not everyone can find the time or opportunity to visit the course. Fortunately, Artificial Greens & Lawns in New Jersey offers design and installation of home putting greens made with high quality synthetic turf. We are a proud partner of Celebrity Greens, which allows us to develop some of the highest quality putting greens available on the New Jersey market.

Artificial grass on rooftop deck in New Jersey

Artificial Turf for Rooftops

With years of experience in the artificial grass industry, Artificial Greens & Lawns Research & Development Lab has always worked hard to ensure that our state-of-the-art turf applications can be utilized in as many public spaces as possible. All of our hard-wearing, multipurpose artificial lawn grass products are designed to be installed in locations of all shapes and types, including sports fields, apartment complexes, hotel foyers, schools, daycare centers, and office buildings.

Small patch of artificial grass backyard in a garden

Artificial Pet Turf for Commercial and Residential Locations

A leading artificial turf design and installation company in Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley, Artificial Greens & Lawns has created countless high-quality synthetic lawn grass products for commercial and residential locations of all sizes. One of our most popular applications is artificial pet turf for homes and businesses.

More than 55 percent of homeowners who own a faux grass installation also happen to be cat and dog owners, and a substantial amount of them decide to build dedicated play areas using Artificial Greens & Lawns long-lasting pet turf, where their household pet can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine for many years to come. Our synthetic cat and dog grass turf is soft, spongy, and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. Creating a dedicated play area for your beloved cat or dog can help to reduce the potential for injury if your backyard is typically visited by dangerous animals, such as gophers and feral cats.


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